Andréa Peri Rosenfield

Manual Therapies and Wellness Care & Coaching


I've had a Manual Therapy healing practice for over 30 years. As a wellness practitioner, I consistently observe that the path to healing arises from a deep listening & from attaining balance & flow between the physical, emotional & spiritual aspects of our being.

My interest in Holistic Health Care began when I put myself through University and Graduate school working as a Massage Therapist. At that same time, from an inspired vision, I designed, developed, & taught a program on Therapeutic Touch for the elderly at the Desert Institute for the Healing Arts, in Tucson Arizona.

I hold an MA Certification in Gerontology, a BA in French Literature & Dance, & a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Pre-Med, Life Sciences, & Humanities. Upon completing my Academic Studies, I became aligned with the Holistic Healing perspectives that were coming of age at the time. I've been engaged in the healing journey this alignment has inspired, both in vocation & avocation, ever since.

My skills as a Somatic & Manual Practitioner are technically & intuitively informed. I've had extensive clinical training, which dovetails beautifully with my studies of eastern and western spiritual & psychological traditions, & my long term apprenticeships with Mexican American, Peruvian & Hawaiian healers.

I've been an instructor at the Desert Institute for the Healing Arts, a visiting instructor at Bastyr Naturopathic Medical University, & a continuing education instructor at Memorial Hospital. Presently my full time Manual Therapy practice includes Coaching & Medical Qigong to empower clients to become actively engaged with their healing process.

I'm an artist, trained in dance, fine art photography, mixed media, & design. My home is my current palette, where I love creating peaceful, healing, & beautiful spaces for all who enter to enjoy. Compassion & curiosity, coupled with a deep connection to spirit, deeply informs my healing work. I love getting up for work every day & assisting clients on the path towards healing & the quest to live healthy, happy & meaningful lives.

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