About Andréa

I've been in private practice in hands on healing for more than 30 years.  I believe the path to healing comes from listening to and finding balance and flow between the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of our being.

My interest in holistic and alternative health care began when I put myself through college and graduate school working full time as a massage therapist.  At the same time, I developed and taught a program at the Desert Institute for the Healing Arts on therapeutic touch for the elderly.  

I hold an M.A. Certification in Gerontology, a B.A. in French Literature, and a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Humanities, Literature, and Life Sciences.  Upon completing my academic studies, I realized that my passion and calling was with the Alternative Medicine and Healing Arts coming of age at that time.  I've been immersed in this vocation ever since, and I am deeply interested in forming bridges whenever possible between alternative and allopathic health care. 

I love getting up for work every day.  My skills as a somatics practitioner are technically and intuitively informed. My clinical trainings have dovetailed with deep study of eastern and western spiritual and psychological traditions and long term apprenticeships to Mexican-American, Peruvian and Hawaiian healers.  I have been an instructor at the Desert Institute for the Healing Arts in Tucson Arizona, a visiting instructor at Bastyr Naturopathic Medical University in Seattle Washington, and a continuing education instructor at Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa.

Currently I have a full time private practice, and I teach ongoing classes with my clients to empower them to continue the process of healing on their own. These classes incorporate a combination of modalities including qigong movement practice for self healing, meditation, visualization & relaxation techniques, and speaking and listening skills.

I am an artist - formally trained in Dance, Fine Art Photography, Mixed Media, and Design. My home is my current palette, where I love creating peaceful and beautiful spaces for myself and others to enjoy.   A passionate curiosity and deep sense of compassion, wonder, spirit and beauty inform my life and my work; and I am deeply committed to helping others discover their personal path for healing, so that they can live healthy, happy and more meaningful lives.