Caritas Energy Healing and Counseling is a seamless and comprehensive system of energy work. Developed by Richard Maldonado, Caritas Healing works with the inherent energetic blueprint of each individual, allowing a practitioner to access core sources that underlie a client's symptoms and conditions, in order to promote health and well-being.

In addition to relieving symptoms, the goal is to guide an individual in expediting their healing experience as gracefully and gently as possible, by facilitating the dynamic equilibrium in the relationships between all the elements within the trinity of body, mind, spirit.  The energy system is the initial point through which the practitioner listens to the 'whole person', in order to ignite a healing journey that can meet that person wherever they need to be met for their deepest healing to occur. Caritas energy work can ultimately help a person gain greater awareness of, and connection with, self, others, and the physical and energetic world in which we live.