"The human body is not static.  It's plastic, and that plastic quality enables a person's body to be realigned into a more optimally functioning and feeling human being.  Rolfing accomplishes that realignment." —  Ida P. Rolf

The Rolfing series of Structural Integration addresses the inherent web of connective tissue called fascia that seamlessly envelop the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, organs and bones of the body.  Connective tissue can become rigid with physical and emotional trauma, bad posture, and repetitive movement that stresses the body.  Rolfing uses skillful manipulation of the connective tissue system to release stress patterns and return connective tissue to its natural fluidity and integrity.  This is done through slow, penetrating pressure that warms and softens the fascia so that it can release.

Ida used to like to say "where it is - it isn't". The Rolfing series is holistically orientated, recognizing that symptomatic pain can stem from compensatory patterns that originate distally from where it hurts.  For example, hip pain can be the result of compensations due to a sprained ankle; shoulder pain can be the result of a diaphragm that's held too tight due to an unhappy liver or gall bladder; neck pain can be the result of a fall onto the tailbone.  When one part of the body is out of balance or misaligned, it creates compensations that have rippling effects throughout the entire body.

The Rolfing Method of Structural Integration is a series of sessions that build one upon the other, to assist the body in re-organizing, re-lengthening and re-integrating itself inside of the gravitational field.  Dr. Rolf believed that body structure profoundly effects all physiological and psychological processes, and by re-aligning the body, we can also help free the psyche of unconsciously contained emotions.  This release of physical and emotional stressors can help us to have a sense of greater space inside ourselves, within which to develop new and healthful patterns.

The Rolfing Method of Structural Integration is a way to work with the human structure to help facilitate the integration of physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness.